Boat Club Adventure Cruises achieves Ecotourism Certification

Congratulations to Boat Club Adventure Cruises for achieving Ecotourism Certification for its tours; Whale Watch Cruise, Mary River Cruise, Great Sandy Straits Cruise and Activity Cruise.

Boat Club Adventure Cruises offer a range of affordable cruise options to showcase the beauty & diversity of Hervey Bay, Fraser Island, and The Great Sandy Marine Park. Tours depart from Hervey Bay and showcase the best of the region, its wildlife and natural beauty. With more than 15 years of experience the crew around Captain Phil House delivers a remarkable experience, transferring his great knowledge and passion to all guests. Cruises provide unforgettable opportunities to see dolphins, dugongs, turtles, and abundant bird species in the protected wetland area, as well as a chance to witness the annual humpback whale migration.

Boat Club Adventure Cruises has been awarded Ecotourism certification as a result of their sustainable best practice operations and motivation to increase visitor education and environmental awareness. They display great effort in incorporating a variety of eco-initiatives. They are active participants in the Eye on the Reef and Reef Rescue programs, they utilise vessels constructed to guarantee low impact on surrounding ecosystems and operate vessels with an aim to keep energy and water usage at a minimum, and they closely monitor and record all waste and environmental impacts.

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Congratulations To Sydney Princess Cruises And Oz Whale Watching

Congratulations to Sydney Princess Cruises Oz Whale Watching on achieving Advanced Ecotourism Certification for its tours, including: Oz Whale Watching, Sydney Harbour Discovery, and Sydney Princess Cruises Charters.

Sydney Princess Cruises provide a range of scheduled cruises and private function events on or from the beautiful Sydney Harbour. They also cater to your needs for birthdays, corporate, weddings or any special event.  A variety of tour packages include breakfast or lunch and cater to both adults and young children, and they include an informative, educational element to ensure guests receive the best experience offerable.

Sydney Princess Cruises have implemented several eco initiatives, including monitoring their emissions with an Australian government endorsed emissions calculator, they are active participants in Wild About Whales Sightings Network Whale Migration Monitoring Program, community fundraising for marine conservation projects, as well as contributing to and supporting other ECO Certified operators throughout Australia, such as the Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Center, where they have sponsored a recovering sea turtle named Jude.

Tours depart from King Street Wharf in Lime Street, Sydney NSW. To find out more about Sydney Princess Cruises,click here. To find out more about Oz Whale Watching, click here.

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Kimberley Expeditions achieves Advanced Ecotourism certification

Congratulations to Kimberley Expeditions for achieving Advanced Ecotourism certification for their top-end cruises.


Kimberley Expeditions specialises in Kimberley Eco tours, where you can get up close and personal with the region. MV Reef Prince is still small enough to sneak into secluded bays and gorges, hover under falls and show-off the Kimberley wilderness. The fewer number of passengers makes it a more personal experience.

Cruises focus on exploring the Kimberley Coastline from Broome to Darwin as well as cover all of the top “Kimberley Icons” plus some of the crews favourite sites.

Kimberley Expeditions is owned by husband and wife team, Nick and Lorie Linton. Nick and Lorie have been operating their own vessels in the Kimberley for over 14 years. They saw the need to offer Guests a cruise that was affordable on a comfortable vessel, and with a proven history of quality customer service.

For more information on Kimberley Expeditions or to book your next breathtaking cruise, visit their website.

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Congratulations to Absolute Ocean Charters

Ecotourism Certified

Congratulations to Absolute Ocean Charters for achieving Ecotourism Certification for their Fishing Charters and Whale Watching Tours.

Absolute Ocean is known as the leading marine charter company offering fishing and whale watching from the Kimberley’s remote town of Broome, Western Australia. Specialising in reef fishing, sport fishing, whale watching and scuba diving, they deliver exceptional value for money and first class service. As a local operator, Absolute Ocean Charters has many years experience on the waters of the Kimberley coast.absolute-ocean-charters-contessa-c_1

With vessels built for marine charters and set up for passenger comfort, rest assured you will have an unforgettable day.

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Blown minds and blow holes

The team at Fowlers Bay Eco Park, situated on the Great Australian Bite of South Australia, wrote to us recently to spread the word about the fantastic whale watching season they are having; sightings have been blowing the minds of many tourists on their waterborne whale watching experiences all season.

whale fowlers bay

You may have heard reports on the news all around the country that this season has been an absolute ripper for whale watching as thousands of whales, including humpbacks and southern right whales, migrate north from Antarctica to mate and calve. “Whale slaps man” and a visit from Migaloo the rare white humpback have been particular highlights.

According to the Fowlers Bay Eco Park team, “this has certainly been one of those seasons where you can ditch the binoculars! It’s been an incredible up close and personal experience for so many of our passengers”. They also stress that the season is quickly coming to a close, with only one month left and possibly only a couple of weeks remaining for prime viewing before the gentle giants continue South once more.

whale fowlers bay2

Fowlers Bay Eco Park have also been working with a team of whale research scientists and have made several breakthroughs with photo ID’s of specific whales that have travelled the entire South Coast of Australia, matching them with sightings from previous years at Head of Bight, SA and Victor Harbour, SA. They look forward to progressing with further research next year.

To find out more about Fowlers Bay Eco Park whale watching boat tours or to book your own tour, click here.

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Australia Fights for Whales’ Rights

Australia has taken action and has told the UN International Court of Justice (ICJ) that the country is totally opposed to any form of commercial whaling “whether it be carried out under the guise of science or not”.

“Japan seeks to cloak its ongoing commercial whaling in the lab coat of science,” Bill Campbell QC said at the opening of a three-week hearing in The Hague.

To present more clearly the consequences of the current whale killing practices, he said if all countries party to the 1946 convention killed as many whales as Japan wanted to each year, more than 83,000 minke whales would be harpooned annually in the Southern Ocean. It would be “catastrophic” for the whale population and would clearly be at odds with the purpose of the convention.

Canberra is hoping the court will issue a ruling banning Japanese whaling by the end of the year – soon enough to halt the next whaling season. A resolution by the ICJ would enhance the otherwise excellent relationship between the two countries, Mr Campbell said.

In a rare move the court will hear from experts – not just government representatives and lawyers – during the three-week hearing. Australia’s experts will address the panel on Thursday while Japan’s are likely to appear next week after its opening submissions on Tuesday.

This will certainly be beneficial for our certified operators offering whale watching experiences and who work to raise awareness about the protection of the species present in Australia.

The news were welcome by the whale protection community and certainly by our celebrity white humpack whale Migaloo, which has by the way recently been spotted moving north!

Tasman Venture have achieved Advanced Ecotourism certification

Tasman Venture have achieved Advanced Ecotourism certification.


Located in Hervey Bay with a backdrop of world famous Fraser Island, Tasman Ventures gives guests the opportunity to get up close and personal with nature and its animals. Customers are also spoilt for choice when it comes to visiting the region with Tasman Venture offering thee ways to experience the natural beauty of Fraser Island with a pick from Whale Watching Tours, Fraser Island Tours and Fishing Charters.

Visitors are in safe hands with owner-operators Lloyd and Robyn Burgess sharing their passion of this world heritage area for over 22 years with the goal of providing tours that “aim only to provide a quality and potentially life-changing experience.”

Tasman Venture are pleased to receive the Advanced Ecotourism Certification. Guests can be assured that by traveling with Tasman Ventures they are in a small way contributing to the protection of Fraser Island for many generations to come

tasman venture

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