Congratulations to our newly certified EcoGuides

Ecotourism Australia would like to congratulate our newly certified EcoGuides for 2013.

These individuals have achieved EcoGuide certification and are now endorsed as guides who will deliver an authentic, environmentally responsible, and professional Ecotourism experience using best practice initiatives. Guests on their tours and tourism operators looking for new guides can be assured that certified EcoGuides hold an high standard of experience and expertise when it comes to guiding and responsible tourism practices.

EcoGuide Logo

  • Saki Hashimoto
  • Daisuke Kato
  • Ayaka Shirai
  • Kym Evans
  • David Mitchell
  • Michiyo Fujito
  • Makiko Yoneda
  • Gail Betts
  • Gregory Howard

For more information on EcoGuide certification or how to become an EcoGuide, click here.

Have you thought about EcoGuide Certification?

EcoGuide Certification is a useful and valuable qualification for guides at all stages of their professional career. ECO certified operators use guides with this qualification to ensure their customers will be delivered an authentic, environmentally responsible and professional experience.  The program covers both generic guiding skills plus EcoGuide specific minimal impact skills.

The Eco Guide accreditation program has been a real benefit to my
operation and to myself as a guide. My clients seem to readily identify with
the Eco Guide logo – and give preference to my operation as an Eco Accredited
operation using Eco Guides. I am sure it contributes to us having a steady flow
of bookings year after year.
” –Mike Keighley, winner of the 2012 EcoGuide Award of Excellence.

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To find out more about the EcoGuide certification program, please visit our website.

Congratulations to the Newly Certified EcoGuides

Congratulations to all newly certified EcoGuides who have recently come on board!

When visitors are travelling with a certified EcoGuide they are guaranteed a guide who is committed to providing quality nature tourism and ecotourism experiences in a safe, culturally sensitive and environmentally sustainable manner.

Newly certified EcoGuides:

  • Massimo Bianco from Tropical Horizons Tours. Tropical Horizons Tours are Ecotourism certified.
  • Jim Smith from Sea Darwin. Sea Darwin are ROC, Climate Action Business and Advanced Ecotourism certified.

For more information on the EcoGuide Certification program please visit our website.