Audit Program Progress

In July last year Ecotourism Australian launched our audit partnership with Conservation Volunteers Australia. Since that time the extensive audit program has rolled out across the country and to date, 67 audits of certified operators have been completed across Victoria, the Northern Territory, New South Wales, Queensland, and Tasmania, with more planned!

The purpose of these on-site audits is to monitor and maintain compliance of our operators in keeping with the core requirements of the our Certification Programs, which stipulate that on-site audits must be conducted. The audit process also provides a great opportunity for operators to engage with an experienced and knowledgeable expert in the ecotourism industry. It also offers the perfect opportunity for operators to speak with a tourism and environmental specialist, seek advice and feedback on current or planned initiatives, and showcase their hard work. All auditors have undergone formal audit qualifications and have significant experience in tourism and environmental management. To ensure impartiality and transparency all auditors are independent third parties contracted and managed through Conservation Volunteers Australia.

Conservation Volunteers is Australasia’s leading practical conservation organisation, having partnered with individuals, businesses and governments to manage conservation projects across Australia and New Zealand since 1982. They manage volunteer programs around Australia and across the world, supporting volunteer participation in a diverse range of important projects to protect and enhance our environment. Their experience and expertise in environmental management makes them the perfect partner to manage the onsite audit program for our certification programs.

Feedback from audited operators has been very positive and the auditors have been impressed with the quality of certified operators. Through the implementation and completion of audits the integrity and vigor of Ecotourism Australia’s certification programs are upheld.

If you would like to know more about our audit partnership with Conservation Volunteers, please contact our office.

(Pictured: Consevation Volunteers in action)

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