Congratulations to Surf N’ Dirt Adventure Tours Margaret River

Congratulations to Surf N’ Dirt Adventure Tours Margaret River for achieving Ecotourism certification for their Adventure Tours!

Surf N’ Dirt Adventure Tours focus on providing small groups of people a fantastic personalised adventure experience in the Margaret River region of Western Australia. Their adventure tours incorporate activities such as kayaking, surfing, mountain biking as well as exploring the regions renowned wineries and breweries.

The team at Surf N’ Dirt Adventure Tours work hard to minimise their impact on, and protect the environment in which they operate. They are committed to ensuring that all of their tours are conducted in an environmentally sustainable manner, and aim to maintain a positive balance in their relationships with the local economy, community, and environment.

Director, Paul Berry, works with the Leeuwin Naturaliste National Park to help reach their conservation objectives, and operates tours with an aim to leave the areas that they venture into on a better state than when they arrived by carrying out any trace of their visit, and collecting rubbish they encounter along the way. Sustainability has been incorporated into every facet of the business, from “switch off” policies in office operations, to closely monitoring their carbon emissions and energy use, to monitoring track conditions and working with the National Park to mitigate concerns.

A core foundation of Surf N’ Dirt Adventure Tours is to educate guests on the ecological significance of the Margaret River region and to promote conservation of all environmental areas, ensuring that the environment is preserved for future generations to enjoy.

Surf N’ Dirt’s website is currently under development, you can find out more about them on their Facebook page.

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