Exciting New Green Initiatives

We have been getting excited about a number of new green initiatives popping up across Australia and across the world recently!

New South Wales is introducing a Cash for Containers initiative to combat landfill and pollution issues and encourage people to recycle. The initiative may see “reverse vending machines” installed across the State!

Meanwhile, San Francisco is set to be the first country to ban the bottle all together! In a bold move toward pollution control, San Francisco has just become the first city in America to ban the sale of plastic water bottles, a move that is building on a global movement to reduce the huge amount of waste from the billion-dollar plastic bottle industry.

Uralla NSW, is to become the State’s first town to be off the energy grid!  With strong community support, the small town is pursuing solar energy options to transition the whole town to renewable energy. Bingara, Manilla, Glen Innes and Tenterfield are trailing closely behind.

Costa Rica is already getting around 94% of its energy from clean, renewable sources and it’s set to hit 100% by 2021!

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service are placing a ban on smoking in all of their National Parks to reduce littering and fire risks.

Denmark has set a world record for wind power production! The European pioneer for wind power production installed their first turbines in the mid-1970s and now wind power accounts for over 39% of the country’s total electricity. They’re aiming for 50% by 2020.

 Have you heard about any new green initiatives? Please share them with us in the comments below, or on our Facebook page!

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