Blue Mountains Botanic Garden achieve Advanced Ecotourism certified

Congratulations to the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden for becoming Advanced Ecotourism certified.


The Blue Mountains Botanic Garden sits 1,000 metres above sea level in the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. It is home to thousands of species of cool climate plants and is the highest botanic garden in Australia. The Garden includes the World Heritage Exhibition Centre; the Jungle Lodge; weddings; conferences, education; tours.

The Garden promotes sustainable gardening practices by developing garden themes that use low maintenance plant species and displays that use recycled landscaping materials where practical.  The Garden has solar panels on the Visitor Centre roof; collects its own rain water for irrigation and visitor use; has energy efficient hand dryers; has giant worm farms and compost piles for waste; prints marketing collateral on recycled paper; recycles waste; has interpretation on sustainable practices and; manages events in a sustainable manner.

The Jungle Lodge is accommodation set within the grounds of the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden and within the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. It is self-catering accommodation sleeping up to 10 people. It has spectacular views and is very peaceful. Guests are given a key to the Garden so that they are able to access it after hours and enjoy the beauty of the Garden to themselves.

Sorry-DayLoungeroom-at-duskBlue Mountains Botanic Garden

For more information about the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden, visit their website.

For more information about our Ecotourism certification program, visit our website.

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