Lets promote tourism – not destroy it

Ecotourism Australia has joined Australia’s other peak tourism bodies expressing their concern over the dumping of 3.5 million cubic metres of dredge spoil in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park waters.

“Tourism is a major driver of the economy and is a stated pillar of the State’s development so all government actions should be to improve the visitor’s experience and protect the tourism asset’ said Rod Hillman – CEO of Ecotourism Australia.

The Queensland Tourism Industry Council, Association of Marine Park Tourism Operators, Whitsunday Charter Boat Industry Association and Dive Queensland have all been clear in stating their opposition to the method of disposal of the spoil from the Abbot point development and requesting that they do not issue a permit to allow this.

“At a time of challenge in the tourism industry GBRMPA has an opportunity to demonstrate¬†its leadership and continue its excellent stewardship role it has delivered over many years. As guardians of the reef, we encourage GBRMPA to consider the long term benefits of a sustainable tourism industry when determining the outcome of this permit for disposal.” Said Rod Hillman – CEO of Ecotourism Australia

ENDS: For further information contact:

Rod Hillman, Chief Executive, M: 0427 279 414 or 0732 521 530


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