Nature Tourism achieved by Eucumbene Trout Farm

Nature Tourism CertifiedCongratulations to Eucumbene Trout Farm for achieving Nature Tourism Certification for their Tours and Fishing experience.

Located in the pristine Snowy Mountains of  New South Wales, Eucumbene Trout Farm is the only place where you can leave with your own trout without leaving a big impact. Eucumbene Trout Farm pays special attention to energy and water management to guarantee a sustainable experience.

In 1973, construction of the Eucumbene Trout Farm was commenced. After constructing the main dam, “Stony Lake” a small hatchery was established. From this moment on trout were grown in large floating cages in the Lake. Nowadays, the farm is a popular regional destination including many small and large tanks and a large building to house the fingerlings. The place is also an ideal spot for a picnic with picnic tables and BBQ areas.

For more information on  Eucumbene Trout Farm, click here.

For more information about Nature Tourism certification , please visit our website. 

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