Congratulations to Tusa Dive

CAA_vendor4starCongratulations to Tusa Dive for achieving Climate Action Innovator certification, Tusa Dive has been Advanced Ecotourism certified since 2007.

Tusa Dive offer scuba diving and snorkelling day tours to the Great Barrier Reef. With more than 25 years experience, they offer a wide variety of tours to the reef. Their modern and comfortable vessels in combination with their friendly and experienced team guarantee an unforgettable stay. As a local business, they aim at preserving the Great Barrier Reef for future generations. 


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Global Eco Asia-Pacific Tourism Conference 2013 – Action Agenda!

 global_eco_selectionEcotourism Australia’s members will receive a $50 discount on registration for the 21st annual Global Eco Asia-Pacific Tourism Conference to be held from 18-20 November 2013 at the world famous Noosa on the Sunshine CoastGlobal Eco 2013 will be hosted at the spectacular Outrigger Little Hastings Street Resort & Spa. The third day of the conference will feature a series of Forums focusing on: Geotourism; Marketing in the 21st century; Indigenous and cultural tourism; Strategic partnerships; Tourism in protected areas; and Operator’s marketplace.

With high-calibre global keynote speakers including Keith Sproule, Business Advisor with the World Wildlife Fund in Namibia and Mariglo Laririt, Director of Sustainability, Ten Knots Corporation, the Philippines, in attendance, Global Eco 2013 offers a fertile tourism learning opportunity. The cross-over between conservation and preservation and the commercial reality of tourism will be examined by Lizzie Corke, Chief Executive Officer, Conservation Ecology Centre, Cape Otway, Victoria. Chris Briggs, Director of Tourism and Recreation at the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA), will provide insight to natural assets and how GBRMPA sees the reef becoming an increasingly important drawcard for visitors. In addition, national strategic marketing priorities will be examined by Nell Anderson, General Manager Strategy for Tourism Australia and what the opportunities are for ecotourism.

Aerial PSI

Under the theme, Tourism Megatrends – Global Eco Action Agenda, the conference will take a dramatically new approach with highly focused discussions involving the six global megatrends. The megatrends were identified by the CSIRO as being the most influential as the Asia-Pacific community progresses through the 21st century. These trends will be considered in the context of ecotourism, responsible tourism and their implications for future tourism planning and development.

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Congratulations to Tanya Beech for winning a Churchill Fellowship

WCMT_Logo_Update_2010_2Manager of Advanced Ecotourism certified Rainbow Oceans Palms Resort Tanya Beech has been awarded a Churchill Fellowship to research Indigenous Ranger training programs in Africa (South Africa, Mozambique and Tanzania) in 2014.

Tanya works as a vocational trainer delivering Conservation and Land Management training to Indigenous Land and Sea Rangers in remote communities in northern Australia. Tanya’s Fellowship will allow her to research training programs in Africa that are integrating traditional knowledge into protected area management.

Tanya would be very happy to hear from anyone involved in cultural tourism, Indigenous land management or vocational training to discuss the parameters of her research. She would also welcome contact from anyone who has worked in training programs in Africa and can offer advice on successful contacts in the conservation training industry.

What Australia can learn from Canada’s Indigenous Tourism Strategy

On a recent visit to Australia,  Keith Henry, a Métis person and the chief executive officer of the Aboriginal Tourism Association of British Columbia, was impressed at the depth of Aboriginal Culture throughout the Northern Territory and Western Australia, but saw fault in the level of government investment in development of the Indigenous tourism industry.

Recent statistics from Tourism NT have shown a decline in visitor numbers seeking Indigenous tourism experiences. Despite having approximately 100 Indigenous tourism products, the Northern Territory only captures 1.8 per cent of all holiday visitors to and within Australia and visitor numbers have dropped by 4.8 per cent for Central Australia since just last year.

‘Without strategic long-term investment in Aboriginal tourism in Australia, the sector will struggle to grow’, claims Henry.

“There’s a lot more that I hope governments will think about here. There needs to be a logical investment strategy within all your states and on a federal level – there needs to be a process and a clear path of action […] There’s some interesting policies, but is there investment behind that? […] Hopefully governments will take it seriously.”

Canada is currently boasting an Indigenous tourism industry that has doubled in British Columbia in the past five years. The Indigenous tourism industry in British Columbia has over 250 businesses, employs approximately 3,000 people on an annual basis, and went from being a $20 million industry in 2005, to $45 million last year. 

Henry claims that government investment in the Indigenous tourism industry brings benefits to tourism around the whole country, if it is invested right. The increase for British Columbia’s Indigenous tourism industry can be attributed to long-term investment strategies with a focus on the growth of aboriginal-controlled businesses.

Canada is seeing actual investment in training and product development and marketing, through investment commitments over five-year periods.

“In 2005-2006 we saw a $10 million investment – $2 million a year for British Columbia towards developing and supporting Aboriginal tourism. Now we’re seeing a new investment of $10 million over the next five years to 2017.”

“What that enables us to do is to have long-term planning, it allows us to work with communities to develop their products, it allows us to work with the industry on a consistent basis – not a one-off basis which is often what happens when the resources aren’t there.”

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Congratulations to Absolute Ocean Charters

Ecotourism Certified

Congratulations to Absolute Ocean Charters for achieving Ecotourism Certification for their Fishing Charters and Whale Watching Tours.

Absolute Ocean is known as the leading marine charter company offering fishing and whale watching from the Kimberley’s remote town of Broome, Western Australia. Specialising in reef fishing, sport fishing, whale watching and scuba diving, they deliver exceptional value for money and first class service. As a local operator, Absolute Ocean Charters has many years experience on the waters of the Kimberley coast.absolute-ocean-charters-contessa-c_1

With vessels built for marine charters and set up for passenger comfort, rest assured you will have an unforgettable day.

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Torquay Surfing Academy achieves Ecotourism certification

Ecotourism CertifiedCongratulations to Torquay Surfing Academy for achieving Ecotourism certification.

Torquay Surfing Academy offers surf lessons and equipment hire at various locations along Victoria’s Surf Coast, with their primary office based in Torquay. They offer sessions for beginners to advanced surfers, and lessons are available in a variety of different formats including; one-on-one coaching, small group sessions, and large school or corporate group sessions. All lessons are performed on local beaches by highly experienced staff and will allow visitors to experience an unforgettable surf lesson!


Torquay Surfing Academy also offer a five day surf camp. All sessions are filmed and photographed and all guests are offered access to footage at the end of the the experience.

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Australia’s National Landscapes recognises ECO certification for Signature Nature Product criteria


Australia’s National Landscapes was formed between Tourism Australia and Parks Australia, establishing a partnership between tourism and conservation to identify Australia’s iconic landscapes and capture and promote areas of outstanding natural beauty and cultural significance. 16 areas in total have been incorporated into the program. Recently, National Landscapes have defined a criteria for the selection of Signature Nature Products in each of these areas.

Ecotourism Australia is pleased to have our ECO certification recognised in the criteria. This is also great news for our certified businesses operating within National Landscapes areas. The program recognises T-QUAL endorsed accreditation, including Ecotourism Australia certification, for tourism operators as a key criterion for submissions. Additionally, as per criteria for conservation of natural and cultural values;

  • Products that carry Ecotourism Australia certification automatically meet the first two points of this criterion, but will need to demonstrate its contribution to the conservation of the natural/cultural values of the National Landscape through either physical, financial or in-kind assistance, and;
  • Products that carry Ecotourism Australia’s Advanced Ecotourism certification automatically meet all components of this criterion.

State and Territory Tourism Organisations (STOs) will work in collaboration with National Landscape Steering Committees to select the best world-class nature and cultural experiences within their Landscapes, which meet the Product Criteria guidelines.

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