How Aussie’s travel: the latest stats for June 2013

Tourism Research Australia has just released their Quarterly results of the National Visitor Survey for Travel by Australians for the year end June 2013.

Overall, the findings indicated an increase in domestic travel. 75.3 million overnight trips taken in Australia by Australians aged 15 years and over, visitor expenditure amounted to $51.4 billion, and Aussie’s spent 288 million nights away from home. Each of these statistics saw an increase of 3% over the same period in 2012.

67% of visitors travelled within their state or territory of residence, with 33% venturing interstate. The states to receive the most visitors were New South Wales (33%), Queensland (26%) and Victoria (20%). Respectively, the most popular states for visitor nights were New South Wales, receiving 29%, followed by Queensland (26%) and Victoria (20%).

47% of domestic overnight visitors travelled with the main purpose of holidaying. While 31% were visiting friends and relatives, and 16% travelled for business.

The most popular types of accommodation for overnight visitors was a friend or relatives property (37%), followed by a hotel, resort, motel or motor inn (26%). While the most popular forms of transport used for overnight trips were a private vehicle (72%) and air transport (24%).

For more detail or to access the full report, click here.

1 thought on “How Aussie’s travel: the latest stats for June 2013

  1. That’s really interesting thanks! So many families I know here from Tasmania have gone to asian countries for their holidays in the last few years. It used to be holidays to Queensland. Good to see some positive stats. I know we are a minority! 🙂

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