Flying responsibly

While many travellers try their best to minimise their impact on the environment when they travel by looking for certified operators or opting for more sustainable modes of land transport, it has always proved to be tricky when it comes to air travel. Often the flight to and from your destination is where you leave the biggest carbon footprint. Here are some points to consider the next time you fly.

When we fly, we often look for the cheapest option, which may not necessarily be the shortest route – meaning we are spending more time in the air for the sake of a few bucks. Consider this thought the next time you book a flight.

Flying business class has three times the carbon weighting than flying economy because there is so much extra space allocated for just one individual. Consider economy, or a low-cost carrier.

Your extra baggage is increasing your carbon footprint. The more luggage you travel with, the more weight the plane has to carry; heavier aircraft produce more emissions as they work harder. Travel light and save your duty-free shopping for when you land.

Look for airlines that allow for you to “offset” your omissions through reputable programs. Ensure that the extra fee you pay for peace of mind is going to an accredited carbon offset project that meets the Australian Government’s National Carbon Offset Standard. Opt for airlines with a good reputation for commitment to environmental responsibility.

While the topic of reducing environmental impacts is a tricky one for air travel, every little effort adds up, so stay carbon-conscious the next time you fly.

For more information on how to be a responsible traveller, click here. 

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