No Tourism Minister!

With the announcement of the new Abbott government, the tourism industry has been presented with some surprising news – there will be no Tourism Minister.

This presents the first time in 40 years that Australia has not had a federal Tourism Minister providing a single point for leadership and direction for the industry.

It has been announced that responsibilities will be split between Trade and Investment Minister Andrew Robb, who will deal with international tourism, and Industry Minister Ian MacFarlane, who will oversee domestic tourism.

“Until new arrangements are better explained there will be considerable confusion with issues such as how domestic and international tourism responsibilities will effectively work together, and the future of T-QUAL and the associated grant programs,” says Ecotourism Australia CEO, Rod Hillman.

“We have already been advised that the Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism has halted the 2013 round of T-QUAL – Tourism Quality Projects and Round 2 of the Tourism Industry Regional Development Fund until the Minister responsible for Tourism is appointed and briefed on the programs. The decision also applies to Strategic Tourism Investment Grants (STIG).”

Mr. Hillman added, “we look forward to the Government’s explanation on how the splitting of Tourism responsibilities between two ministers will benefit the industry.”

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4 thoughts on “No Tourism Minister!

  1. Really a step back! In the last 2 decades, Australia has been serving as a good practice especially in tourism policy… I see this being the first step to ending that.

  2. “we look forward to the Government’s explanation on how the splitting of Tourism responsibilities between two ministers will benefit the industry.”

    Yes Mr Hillman, we are also looking forward to see how this and other notable omissions from this Cabinet such as Aged Care, Science etc will benefit the country.

    This is as near as damn it to the living embodiment of jobs-for-the-boys as you’re likely to see in a major institution this side of the twentieth century. It represents a value judgement by our new prime minister, a clear indication that he simply cannot accept women as equals and can only relate to them – as per his constant parading of his family – as wives, mothers and daughters.

  3. Fairly devastating news for our industry. Premier Campbell Newman and MP Jann Stuckey have worked so hard for tourism in Queensland and are true ambassadors for our industry …. Destination Q this year was just incredible. Perhaps we need to send Mr Abbott in their direction.
    We are finding this split difficult in terms of running our business, We were recipients of the 2nd round of TQUAL funding and cannot start our project. Prior to the election the provision of funding agreements were put on hold and we are still waiting …

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