Blown minds and blow holes

The team at Fowlers Bay Eco Park, situated on the Great Australian Bite of South Australia, wrote to us recently to spread the word about the fantastic whale watching season they are having; sightings have been blowing the minds of many tourists on their waterborne whale watching experiences all season.

whale fowlers bay

You may have heard reports on the news all around the country that this season has been an absolute ripper for whale watching as thousands of whales, including humpbacks and southern right whales, migrate north from Antarctica to mate and calve. “Whale slaps man” and a visit from Migaloo the rare white humpback have been particular highlights.

According to the Fowlers Bay Eco Park team, “this has certainly been one of those seasons where you can ditch the binoculars! It’s been an incredible up close and personal experience for so many of our passengers”. They also stress that the season is quickly coming to a close, with only one month left and possibly only a couple of weeks remaining for prime viewing before the gentle giants continue South once more.

whale fowlers bay2

Fowlers Bay Eco Park have also been working with a team of whale research scientists and have made several breakthroughs with photo ID’s of specific whales that have travelled the entire South Coast of Australia, matching them with sightings from previous years at Head of Bight, SA and Victor Harbour, SA. They look forward to progressing with further research next year.

To find out more about Fowlers Bay Eco Park whale watching boat tours or to book your own tour, click here.

To find other Ecotourism Australia certified whale watching experiences all around the Australian Coast, click here.

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