Shark Week – Spotlight On Rodney Fox

The annual ‘Shark Week’ is drawing to a close with this year bringing more international attention than ever to the plight that sharks face all over the world. With over 100 million sharks killed each year from practices such as finning, the future looks stark. Fortunately, a man by the name of Rodney Fox hopes to change all that.

Shark week

The year was 1963 and Rodney was competing to defend his title in a spearfishing competition off Aldinga Beach, 65km south of Adelaide. It was here where Rodney, swimming in the crystal clear waters, was attacked by a Great White Shark. With over 360 stitches later and still part of a Great White tooth rooted in his wrist, by some miracle he managed to survive. Many people would think that from this a lifelong hatred for sharks would be born but Rodney managed to overcome that and has now become one of the biggest advocators for this amazing animal.

 Shark bite

Rodney was the pioneer of shark cage diving, bringing a close up and personal experience of one of the most feared animals on the planet to tourists, filmmakers and photographers. Throughout his 45+ years of experience Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions have:

  • Invested $140,000 into his own research programs;
  • Provided $180,000 in support of other projects and resources;
  • Developed Australia’s only photo I.D. catalogue of sharks spanning 13 years with over 400 individual Great White Sharks identified;
  • Identified migration routes and breeding grounds if mature sharks through satellite tracking;
  • Assessed the extent of Great White Shark interactions with marine debris and commercial fishing gear around Neptune Islands;
  • Facilitated all major trials of electric shark repellent devices since 2002;
  • Collaborated with the CSIRO, SARDI, Flinders University, Conservation Council of SA and international researches.

Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions are Advanced Ecotourism Certified. To find out more information on any of Rodney’s research projects or shark diving expeditions please visit this link:

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