Jenolan Caves achieves Advanced Ecotourism Certification

imagesWell done to Jenolan Caves who have recently achieved Advanced Ecotourism certification.

Located in the Blue Mountains area, NSW, the site allows visitors to explore 11 spectacular caves, with pure underground rivers and astonishing limestone formations. Jenolan Caves’s following products have received Advanced Ecotourism certification:

  • Adventure Underground
  • The Magic of Jenolan

The Jenolan caves are amongst the finest and oldest in the world. From the earliest days of cave tourism, Jenolan has been a leader in developing environmental best practice and was one of Australia’s earliest ecotourism facility. In 1872, Jenolan Caves were the first caves in the world to be granted legal protection thanks to John Lucas, Minister for Mines, and a regular Jenolan visitor, who realised the damage that people were doing to the cave environment. The site has since been protected and preserved so visitors can still enjoy the beauty of the caves.

For more information about Jenolan Caves or to organise your next trip, visit their website.

For more information about Advanced Ecotourism certification, please visit our website.

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