Are YOU eligible for a Tourism Industry Regional Development Fund Grant?

An amazing opportunity presents itself for regionally based tourism businesses as the Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism announce Round 2 of the competitive Tourism Industry Regional Development Fund (TIRF) Grants Program. The TIRF are offering grants of $50,000 to $250,000 to businesses who have an innovative development plan in the pipeline that will increase the quality and range of visitor experiences available in regional Australia.

$9.6 million of funding is available across three streams of eligibility to offer grants for 50 projects during this round. Eligible applicants must be situated outside the Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne tourism regions, must be able to match funding costs, and must be planning development across one of the following streams; quality improvement of existing tourism products or service, innovative new tourism experiences, or tourism labour supply and quality through Labour & Skills Enhance. 

The TIRF Grant program encourages a wide variety of projects that support investment in tourism industry related accommodation, infrastructure, experiences and facilities. The type and style of eligible projects is unlimited and encourages innovation and diversity.

Projects that meet the program eligibility requirements may involve, but are certainly not limited to, the development of labour and skills related infrastructure, such as staff accommodation, value-adding to enhance existing experiences through the inclusion of new technologies, or  developing existing products to incorporate a higher level of interpretation for guests with the assistance of external experts, like historians.

To all of our eligible ECO, ROC and Climate Action Certified businesses, we urge you to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity and apply for a TIRF Grant. Not only could it help you develop your business and build on your competitive advantage, it will also help to enhance the quality of Australia’s regional tourism experiences. Online applications for Round 2 of the TIRF Grants Program close on Wednesday 7 August 2013.

For more information on the program or to apply online now, click here.

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