Shark tourism has it hook, line and sinker!

New studies conducted by the University of British Columbia have found that shark tourism is rapidly rising in popularity and is predicted to double in the next 20 years. In fact, shark tourism is expected to soon exceed shark fisheries in terms of profitability. Not only is this fantastic news for our aquatic friends, but also for shark tourism operators and tourists alike.

Shark tourism has been popular for many years, whether it be offering travelers the opportunity to swim with whale sharks or experience a close encounter with a great white from the safety of a cage. Other than providing a sure adrenaline rush to the adventurous visitor, shark tourism has also played an important role in raising awareness of entire species’ under threat and has helped to push the importance of protection programs.

Sharks have long been targeted by fisheries for their fins, which are often used to make dishes like shark fin soup. However, the introduction of protected areas and shark sanctuaries has impacted on fisheries and led to bans on shark fishing in various destinations around the world. These restrictions and protected areas now provide safe habitats for shark reproduction, allowing various species to regenerate.

These recent findings predict a positive future for our Ecotourism Australia certified shark tourism operators. To find out more about our certified operators and find inspiration for your own shark tourism adventure, click here.

To read more about the rapid growth of shark tourism, click here.

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