Participate in Ecotourism Australia Social Media Campaign

Ecotourism Australia is calling all certified operators and travellers to share their images or news stories to showcase the best of Australia’s eco experiences and tourism operators who are making a difference!

Look out for these logos when booking your next holiday and send us your pictures, we will make sure to spread the word!

ECO Certified tourismCAA_corporateROC Logo

Ecotourism Australia is currently working on increasing their social media presence and raising awareness about ecotourism in Australia and all the fantastic experiences ECO, Climate Action and ROC certified tourism operators and EcoGuides have to offer.

Part of this campaign is the new collection of images “10 Little Things That Will Brighten Your Day” shared on Facebook weekly. Currently featuring the best snapshots shared by Ecotourism Australia’s certified operators during the week, the collection aims at showing the diversity of activities, landscapes and wildlife available through these travel experiences.

It is a way to show travellers and Facebook fans that they have a choice when it comes to travelling and that they can decide to have a lower impact on the destination they visit while on holiday.


Follow Ecotourism Australia on Facebook

You can send your pictures to or share them on our wall

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