Get Inspired for your Online & Mobile Communication Tools

Using online and mobile communication technologies is now part of our daily routine and has therefore become a vital part of any successful marketing campaign.

It is quite an important step for the tourism industry as we can now reach anyone anywhere at anytime, promoting destinations and activities or even defending a cause.

Reaching the consumers directly on their phones or tablets, through apps, websites, blogs or social media platforms is a way to engage them and strengthen the impact of a marketing campaign. It is widely accessible, interactive and targets relevant consumers who will not only read, but also hear your message.

Online and mobile communication platforms are perfect tools to promote tourism, ecotourism and environmentally friendly practices. They are a great way to promote and exchange information about worldwide sustainable practices, endangered destinations and must-do experiences.

The International Ecotourism Society has recently published an article about the topic with a few ideas worth a look for inspiration.

Western Australia App – Brought to you by Tourism Western Australia, it puts thousands of places to see,explore, eat, drink and stay at your fingertips – not only in Perth but around the state.

Seafood Watch offers recommendations on ocean-friendly seafood, provides information on how each item should be fished, and lets the customers add names of local stores and restaurants that have sustainable seafood.

The full article is available here.

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