Celebrate National Whale Day!

On 1st June Australia will celebrate National Whale Day!

The initiative was launched in 2008 by IFAW (The International Fund for Animal Welfare) and is a celebration of the whales and dolphins that migrate to our coastlines annually and Australia’s position as a world leader in whale conservation.

It is an opportunity to raise awareness of, and discuss solutions to, the threats facing whales and their environment including commercial whaling, threats posed from noise pollution, climate change, vessel strikes, marine debris and by-catch and entanglement.

If you want to get involved in National Whale Day you can visit IFAW’s website to find out new ways for people to support the campaign or you can take part in community events such as paddle out, morning tea, informative talk, etc. A map of events is available here.

whale watching

A good way to learn about these creatures and help with their protection is to go on an ECO certified whale watching trip. Visit our website to find a whale watching experience in your area.

And if you can’t go on National Whale Day, the season has just started so you will still get a chance to have a whale of day!

1 thought on “Celebrate National Whale Day!

  1. Thanks for this! Yesterday, I launched a new Facebook page, with a great whale tail shot (taken in NZ) as my header – got a huge amount of response to the image! Now I know it’s National Whale Day tomorrow, I’ll give it a plug!

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