Great Barrier Reef: UNESCO Listing News

As some of you might know, the decision to place the Great Barrier Reef on a list of World Heritage Sites in Danger has been postponed until February 2014. The decision was originally to be made this June but has been delayed while it awaits new information from the Queensland and Commonwealth governments. So what does it involve?

The List of World Heritage in Danger is designed to inform the international community of conditions which threaten the very characteristics for which a property was inscribed on the World Heritage List, and to encourage corrective action.

When a site is added to the List of World Heritage in Danger it allows the World Heritage Committee to allocate immediate assistance from the World Heritage Fund to the endangered property. It also alerts the international community to these situations in the hope that it can join efforts to save these endangered sites.


The current list covers sites in Central & South America, Europe, Middle-East, Africa and Asia.

The detailed list of all the current World Heritage Sites in Danger is available here.

For more information about World Heritage Sites in Danger you can visit UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites website.

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