A Quick Look at ATE 2013

“And if there’s one thing I hope everyone takes away from ATE 13, having seen the breadth and quality of what’s on offer, Australian tourism is expanding both domestically and internationally”, Andrew McEvoy, Managing Director Tourism Australia said.

This statement is a great summary of this year’s ATE, held in Sydney from 26 to 30 April. Australia is certainly becoming more and more popular as a destination.

In addition to the significant presence of Chinese buyers, there was a noticeable growth in visitors from all Eastern markets. The Asian market was quite predominant as Tourism Australia reports growth from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Indonesia and positive signs from Japanese and Korean markets.

The Western markets have remained important to the industry with the largest inbound market being New Zealand. The US market seems to be back and UK, Germany, France and Italy continues to provide a significant number of visitors despite the situation of local economies.

“Increasing demand is being driven by an Australian industry continuing to focus on quality with an understanding of what visitor’s are looking for and what sets Australia apart.”, added Mr. McEvoy.

Rod Hillman, CEO of Ecotourism Australia, and Margaret Stokes from the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority

Rod Hillman, CEO of Ecotourism Australia, and Margaret Stokes from GBRMPA

With high impact campaigns – developed in partnership with all States and Territories – such as There’s Nothing Like Australia or the recent ‘Best Jobs in the World’, Tourism Australia has managed to drive more tourists to come to Australia and plans to place more emphasis on local food and wine ‘to fuel people’s appetite for the country’.

The tourism sector seems to be getting better and we can only encourage this growth. Ecotourism was also popular at ATE 13 especially with the US and UE markets.

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