Tourism to Help Destinations to Recover from Natural Disasters

After a quite eventful summer and an accumulation of bush fires, storms and floods, Australia is still on the road to recovery.

Many of Ecotourism Australia’s certified operators are located in the affected areas and have unfortunately suffered from these natural disasters.

We came across an article published on TIES (The International Ecotourism Society) website about the relief tourism can provide to these places and thought it would be a good opportunity to remind visitors that destinations should not be avoided because they have been affected by a natural disaster. As soon as the area is declared safe and able to accommodate and receive tourists, the sight of upcoming visitors can only have a positive outcome.

The article discussed the financial benefits tourism can offer to the affected areas to help with reconstruction, local communities and the restoration of the natural area to its original state. Another hidden benefit is lifting up the mood and encouraging locals to overcome the effects caused by the disaster and move on. A good way to help a little bit while being on holiday…

To read the full article click here.

For more information about Ecotourism Australia‘s certified operators, visit our website.

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