Whitehaven Beach Ranked in World’s Top 10 Beaches by TripAdvisor

One of our numerous national treasures has been named #3 World’s Best Beach by TripAdvisor. This recognition goes to, Whitehaven Beach in the Whitsundays.

The ranking is based on reviews published on TripAdvisor’s website and visitors’ posts describe the place as “pristine”, “stunning” and “breathtaking” comparing it to a “film set” and even “heaven on Earth”.

Located in the Whitsundays area, Queensland, the beach has many times been recognised worldwide as one of the best spots on this planet thanks to its immaculate white sand and turquoise water. In 2010, a CNN report named Whitehaven Beach the most eco friendly beach in the world.

These titles are the results of all the conservation efforts to preserve the area praised by many visitors. Ecotourism Australia’s certified operators along with local authorities are constantly being proactive and working to maintain high standard environmental practices to minimize the impact of tourism on this unspoiled piece of paradise and the local wildlife.

Their efforts have paid off again and the good news can only encourage the growth of sustainable tourism.

If you want more information about eco certified operators located in the Whitsundays area or anywhere else in Australia, visit our website.

View TripAdvisor’s World’s Best Beaches ranking

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