Wayoutback Australian Safaris introduce its new Eco Tents

After several years of planning and with the successful approval via the Federal Government T-Qual Grants, Wayoutback Australian Safaris recently released its first Eco Tent principal at both Yulara ( Ayers Rock) & Kings Creek Station remote camp sites.

Termite and water proof, the bases built to support the tents at Yulara and Kings Creek Station are made from recycled plastic and are the equivalent to recycling 60,000 1.5 litre PET bottles or the equal of 180 cubic metres of landfill.

wayoutbackThe tents also feature an extended Fly Cover which enables the two oversized windows to be left partially open 24/7 further aiding air flow and minimising the impact of the red centre sun upon a closed tent.

They have been built to offer the ultimate overnight stay experience, allowing visitors to simply lay back at night and watch the spectacular milky way and stars in a safe, quiet and peaceful environment.

wayoutback2According to Wayoutback’s Managing Director Mr Don Wait, the Eco bases and the tentage are the perfect fit in supplying and retaining the company’s outback experience philosophy and also further advancing their environmental Eco philosophy.

The intent over the coming 2 years is to continue the development of all remote camp sites used by the company, solar powering all camp sites, solar lighting sites, the expansion of enviro sensitive ablutions whilst retaining that remote “out in the wild” feel for which the company’s reputation has been developed.

Wayoutback Australia Safaris are currently Advanced Ecotourism, ROC and Climate Action Business certified.

For more information about Wayoutback, visit their website.

For more information about Advanced Ecotourism, ROC and Climate Action Business certifications, visit our website.

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