Ecotourism Australia Team News

We would like to welcome Jennifer David as a full time member of Ecotourism Australia’s team. Jenny is originally from France and earned an Advanced Diploma of Tourism Management while in Brisbane in 2008.

DSC04344 (2)

Jenny also studied foreign languages at university and spent some time in the UK gaining experience with a marketing research company. She gained an interest in the tourism industry after extensive travel in Australia, Europe and South East Asia and hopes to make her own contribution to the Australian tourism industry throughout her career.

In 2011 Jenny joined Ecotourism Australia as an Intern. While working with Ecotourism Australia she coordinated marketing projects which included the successful 2012/13 Green Travel Guide. She continues with us as the new Business Development Coordinator.

Jenny is passionate about travel and photography and is looking forward to playing a role in raising awareness about ecotourism and sustainable tourism in Australia.

Leonie Bowles and Loretta Stellino will continue to work with certified operators respectively as Industry Development Manager and Industry Development Coordinator.

You can contact Jenny at Ecotourism Australia at or on 07 3252 1530.

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