Walking Country achieves Advanced Ecotourism, ROC and Climate Action Business certification

imagesCAA_vendor3starROC Logo

Congratulations to Walking Country for reaching Advanced Ecotourism, ROC and Climate Action Business Certification.

Walking Country was established by Wayoutback Desert Safaris in response to the growing demand by travellers for experiential walking tours in Central Australia as well as the increased awareness of the now famous Larapinta Trail.

With nearly 10 years operating small group 4-wheel drive tours of Central Australia, Advanced Eco Tourism status, extensive indigenous content and a great reputation for authentic tours away from the crowds, Walking Country and the Larapinta was the perfect progression for Wayoutback.

The famous Larapinta Trail extends for over 223km along the backbone of the West MacDonnell Ranges in Central Australia and is divided into 12 sections. The Larapinta Trail takes in a variety of desert habitats before rewarding trekkers with 360° views from Mount Sonder – the highest point marking the end of the Trail.

More information about ECO, ROC or Climate Action.

For more information about Walking Country, visit their website.

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