China Ready Training Program Soon in Perth and Margaret River

A China Ready Training program will be run in Perth and Margaret River early March. The project was developed by Australia Tourism Export Council together with AVANA, China Ready & Accredited and TAFE NSW Western Sydney Institute. Ecotourism Australia, along with AAA, has been largely involved in the initiative.

China has emerged to be Australia’s fastest growing tourism market. By 2020, conservative estimates project that we will see some 1 million Chinese visitors on our shores, spending upwards of $9 billion. The importance of the Chinese market to Australia’s growth potential over the next 10 years is undeniable. The challenge now is to ensure that tourism operators across the country have the resources, the knowledge, the understanding and the capacity to leverage this opportunity to its fullest extent.

The program provides businesses with the tools to effectively engage in the Chinese market. It has been developed in conjunction with China-based tourism experts and has been endorsed by the Chinese Government.

Program delivery is through specialist training organisation and premium partner of Ecotourism Australia, AVANA. In addition to these public course programs other methods of delivery also include onsite training, e learning and distance education.

A number of Eco Lodges of Australia have already been participating in China Ready workshops to help with their preparations for the booming Chinese market and it has been has been a rewarding experience.

The program will run in Perth on March 6 and Margaret River on March 7.

For more information about the EcoLodges of Australia, please click here.

For more information on the China Ready program, please visit their website.

For more information about AVANA, please visit their website.

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