Free mentoring for World Responsible Tourism Day

world-responsible-tourism-day_logoFree consultation and mentoring for Australian businesses that wish to participant in World Responsible Tourism Day (WRTD) is being offered this year by the International Centre for Responsible Tourism-Australia. “We are very encouraged by the growing Australian interest in WRTD and want to help focus effort so that it becomes a competitive advantage for a business,” says Christopher Warren, director for the International Centre for Responsible Tourism-Australia.

Over the last three years Australia has seen a growing participation in World Responsible Tourism Day with more businesses signing up to participate in this United National World Tourism Organisation supported initiative. There have also been an increasing number of Virgin Holidays Responsible Travel Award winners (announced on the same date). Read more.

“For the first time, this universal initiative has brought the industry together in a way that has never been done before. All agree: without a sustainable world, the future success of travel and tourism is in doubt,” says Professor Harold Goodwin, advisor to WTM/WRTD.

This year the ICRT-Australia is offering tourism providers who want to participate in WRTD, a free 1 hour mentoring support programme (which can be taken in multiples of 15 minutes). The aim is to assist tourism providers to plan and implement a successful activity that will make a difference.  The mentoring is provided by Christopher Warren MSc, a qualified trainer and assessor.

The free mentoring session is subject to availability. Candidates must have a Skype connection. Please email Christopher Warren to request a Mentoring WRTD Information Pack:

The International Centre for Responsible Tourism-Australia is part of a network of sister centres which focus on the principles of the Cape Town Declaration , “making better places for people to live in and better places to visit”.

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