Greening your supply chain

Sustainability is now well recognised as one of the factors by which consumers make their purchasing decisions. Expectations of clients and customers will continue to increase and this has major ramifications for businesses and thier supply chains.

To satisfy ever increasing demands from customers, businesses not only have to address their own operations but also have to take into account their supply chain performance.

Sustainability issues including environmental performance need to be tackled to ensure businesses can respond to consumer queries on sustainability with confidence and also position the business to take advantage of the benefits of a more sustainable supply chain.

What is sustainable supply chain management?
Sustainable supply chain management (SSCM) is when a company looks beyond its own boundaries and puts in place measures to influence the sustainability inputs from its suppliers and its products and services.

In a process commonly referred to as ‘cradle to cradle’, businesses implementing SSCM look at every component of their operations and the full life cycle of their products. This includes:

  • how products are manufactured – encompassing energy, water and material inputs and waste
  • how materials and products are transported – including distance and packaging; and
  • the end use of a product – including its disposal at the end of its life cycle, recycling and even development into new products

Finding ways to improve the environmental performance of your supply chain is becoming more important with many businesses now required to verify the green credentials of their products and services with certification and accreditation.

To read the full story visit the Sustainable Industries website.

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