Western Australian Caravan Park Goes Solar

Big4 Peppermint Park, a Nature Tourism Certified holiday park nestled between Busselton and Dunsborough in Western Australia, has recently installed a state of the art solar power system in their bid to fight climate change.

“In south-west of Western Australia alone, we’re experiencing a rapid decrease in annual rainfall. Last year was the hottest summer in 50 years and droughts are said to increase dramatically in the next decade”, says Craig Robins, owner of the park and eco-enthusiast. “There is no better time than now for businesses to start doing everything they can to look after the environment and reduce the effects of climate change. Installing a solar power system is one way of doing this.”

The solar power system, supplied by a local company and packing in 18.81 kilowatts of power, will save the park 25,550 kW per year – an equivalent of over 4,500 trees saved and cutting more than 194 tons of carbon emissions. Located on the camp kitchen roof, the system will allow the park’s guests to see how much solar energy is being generated via a display screen and will help educate and promote clean and sustainable energy.

“It’s great because guests can see that we are producing clean energy on a daily basis and this  will hopefully encourage them to do their part at home”, says Craig. “We have such a unique eco system down here; we’ve got to work together to make sure it doesn’t disappear”.

For more information on Big4 Peppermint Park please contact:

For more information on Certification, please visit our website.

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