Green Spot.Travel Discovers Tropical North Queensland

Owner and Founder of Green Spot.Travel, Richard G Edwards visited Tropical North Queensland in October, while attending the Global Eco Asia Pacific Conference in Cairns.

During his visit, Edwards visited and experienced Advanced Ecotourism Certified operators.

Discussing his experience, Edwards says ‘The reef was spectacular, and the whole visit was top-notch, with world-class Eco Lodges that can stand next to anybody and all the tour providers are great’. He also expressed his thoughts on the potential of incorporating Indigenous tourism, ‘I feel there is huge opportunity to better integrate indigenous history and culture throughout every product I experienced’.

During his trip to Tropical North Queensland, Edwards created a video on his experience with ECO Certified operators which can be viewed here.

Richard G. Edwards has had wide-ranging career in the adventure travel industry and his work as the founding Executive Director of the Trusted Adventures consortium allowed him to assist a host of pioneering adventure companies on their marketing, positioning and branding efforts. Edwards was a key note speaker at the Global Eco Asia Pacific Conference, in October discussing Product Development IS Marketing: getting rewarded for innovation.

For more information on Ecotourism Australia’s Certified Operators please visit our website.

For more information on the Global Eco Asia Pacific Conference please visit the website.

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