Eco Lodges of Australia Launched to Chinese Market

Eco Lodges of Australia have been launched in China after completing Welcome China training organised by AVANA, Ecotourism Australia and Spirit of China over the past year.

The launch event in Shanghai was supported with a series of meetings with key trade and Shanghai based representatives of the Australian government tourism bodies.

“We are extremely excited by the opportunities in China for the members of Eco Lodges of Australia and the wider Australian ecotourism industry.” said Kym Cheatham CEO of Ecotourism Australia. “There is clearly a market for Australian ecotourism product in China, and it is not the homogenous ‘shopping tour market’ that many think it is.”

Eco Lodges of Australia Launched in China

“We met with wholesalers who were selling similar and comparable experiences in other destinations.” Kym Cheatham said. “We have started a number of relationships with the trade and media in China and we will continue to work with them to seek opportunities initially for the members of Eco Lodges of Australia, but more broadly for the rest of the Australian ecotourism industry.”

The Welcome China training has developed through a partnership which was formed two years ago between Ecotourism Australia, AVANA and Spirit of China with the goal of connecting the Australian ecotourism industry with Chinese travel agents and tourism consumers.

In August 2011, the project was awarded T-QUAL funding from the Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism to develop a China Ready training program pilot for the members of Eco Lodges of Australia.

The success of the project has come from the research conducted in both Australia and China, which substantially informed the training content to ensure the Eco Lodges of Australia were provided with current information on the needs and desires of the Chinese traveller which will help them refine and develop their product to meet the needs to the Chinese market.

All members of Eco Lodges of Australia carry Advanced Ecotourism Certification and offer the ECO conscious traveller responsible, ethical and sustainable ECO experiences in Australia’s most amazing natural locations.  Eco Lodges of Australia website now carries Chinese targeted information.

To find out more about Eco Lodges of Australia and the Welcome China training, please contact Kym Cheatham on

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