G Adventures Announce OZ & NZ tours at the Global Eco Conference

Attendees at the 2012 Global Eco Asia Pacific Conference were some of the first to hear the announcement that for the first time in its 22-year history, small group adventure travel operator G Adventures is launching a comprehensive collection of trips in Australia and New Zealand. These destinations complete the company’s product line-up as the seventh and last continent it operates tours on.

G Adventures’ founder, Bruce Poon Tip, says the company has been researching and developing the new program for two years, creating trips that give travellers different cultural experiences down under.

“We recognized an opportunity to offer something new and exciting in Australia and New Zealand, and to provide our guests with a different experience to what is available in terms of indigenous and community tourism. We included the local communities in the development of itineraries to ensure a fair trade arrangement and that local people benefit from us being there.”

“It’s a huge move for us to launch 25 itineraries in an entirely new market, especially as we’ve also just announced we’re the first adventure tour operator to offer 100% guaranteed departures for all our trips in 2013.  Our loyal customers tell us the demand is there, so we’re confident,” says Poon Tip.

The new Australia and New Zealand program consists of four major routes: Sydney to Cairns and Melbourne to Darwin in Australia, and the North Island and South Island of New Zealand. Travellers can focus on one entire route or combine sections to create a customized itinerary.  Tours vary from three to 21 days and are available in Yolo (18 – 35yr) and G-Plus (comfort) trip styles.

Accommodation and transport styles play an important part in the experience and include a tipi in a hippie commune, canvas swags under the stars, secluded eco-lodges, riding the Ghan train and staying on an historic yacht.

Departures to Australia and New Zealand start in January 2013 and are on sale now. The new Australia and New Zealand 2013 brochure will be available from early-December.

For more information please visit www.gadventures.com

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