Ecotourism Australia’s Annual General Meeting in Focus

The 2012 Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on Day 2 of the Global Eco Asia Pacific Tourism Conference in Cairns. The members present at the AGM unanimously approved the proposed changes to the Constitution. Following the elections and subsequent Board Meeting, the Board of Ecotourism Australia for 2012/2013 is:

  • Cameron Kerr (Chair)
  • Lisha Mulqueeny (Deputy Chair)
  • Tony Charters
  • Michael Collins
  • Andrew Daff
  • Professor Ross Dowling
  • Dr Claire Ellis
  • Shelley Lavender
  • Duncan MacKenzie
  • Rick Murray

The Chair, Cameron Kerr revisited the significant achievements over the past year for Ecotourism Australia:

  • Global Sustainable Tourism Council recognition: Ecotourism Australia is one of only 10 organisations world wide (and the only one in Australia) to be recognised by the UN supported Global Sustainable Tourism Council in December 2011. This brought tangible benefits initially to accommodation carrying Ecotourism and Advanced Ecotourism Certification being added to the Travelocity and Sabre Eco-Certified Hotel Program giving them global distribution to travel agents worldwide.
  • National Wildlife Corridors Advisory Group: Ecotourism Australia was proud to be invited to participate in the development of the National Wildlife Corridors Plan. This significant national policy initiative is essential in the important development of large scale, cross border landscape conservation connectivity planning to support biodiversity in the face of all manner of changes to ecosystems including climate change.
  • ECO IV Upgrade: The importance of standing out in an increasingly crowded market has never been more evident. To ensure our accreditation system retains its status in the market, Ecotourism Australia has released the ECOIV upgrade and all ECO Certified operators are currently going through the upgrade process. While this requires some additional time upfront, it ensures that the ECO standard is at best practice and all operators carrying the symbol are operating at the highest standards possible.
  • Corporate Governance: Over the past 18 months, the Directors of Ecotourism Australia under the guidance of a Corporate Governance Committee have been working several levels of Board evaluation and review. This is an ongoing process of continuous improvement, but we hope for our members it will give you the faith that your Board are operating effectively and efficiently on your behalf.
  • Advocacy: Over this last year our CEO, Kym Cheatham has been tirelessly representing our sector at a wide range of government and industry forums to ensure that policy planning and decisions take into account our operator’s needs.

Ecotourism Australia have achieved a great deal this year under trying conditions and look forward to new and exciting challenges in the future.

For further information on Ecotourism Australia please visit our website.

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