Tasmanian Old Growth Rainforest Protected Forever

Forest Lodge Rainforest Reserve, a 80.94 hectare property containing old growth cool temperate rainforest, has been purchased and protected forever thanks to generous Rainforest Rescue supporters, with final settlement taking place on the 10th of August 2012.

The new reserve is located at Pyengana, 26km inland of the town of St. Helens in north-east Tasmania. The property is located on the Rattler Range and is surrounded on three sides by the Mount Victoria State Forest Reserve, which has been designated by the Tasmanian government as a conservation zone.

The dominant trees on the property are old growth Myrtle Beech and Sassafras. Cool temperate rainforests in Tasmania occurs where rainfall is over 1,200mm per year and underneath the canopy the cool damp microclimate provides ideal conditions for the growth of ferns, mosses and lichens.

A feature of the property is the very large number and size of Soft Tree Ferns (Dicksonia Antarctica) that are known in Tasmania as Man Ferns.

Forest Lodge Rainforest Reserve provides suitable habitat for the Endangered Tasmania Wedge-tailed Eagle and the Endangered Tasmania Devil, an animal that is in great danger of extinction from habitat loss and facial tumour disease. It may also be home to other rare and endangered animals such as the Spotted-Tail Quoll, which is the second largest of the world’s surviving marsupial carnivores.

After fundraising and an extended process through which the Tasmanian government placed a covenant on the title and removed its designation as a Private Timber Reserve, the purchase was finalized in August 2012. The land is now protected forever through a Conservation Covenant that is registered on the title of the land that permanently protects its conservation values.

For full press release, please follow the link.

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