Savannah Guides School: Nitmiluk National Park 1st- 4th November 2012

“Working Together – Savannah Guides Partnerships”

Savannah Guides have organised a Savannah Guides School, based at Nitmiluk National Park, 29 km from Katherine. This four-day workshop will focus on how Savannah Guides works with its partners to train “Protectors and Interpreters of the Outback”. The workshop will also include field trips to explore the magnificent Katherine Gorge.

Training is an important function of Savannah Guides and aims for members to achieve and maintain a high level of competence in knowledge and interpretation that is generally consistent throughout the network.

At the schools, guides gather with like-minded contributors from government, academic, conservation and tourism sectors. Schools are structured to focus on increasing knowledge and professionalism through shared experiences and formal learning.The schools are essential to the health and ongoing success of the organization.

Two Savannah Guides Schools are held each year at varying locations across the Savannahs, featuring experts in fields such as ecology, geology, land management and tourism.

To read more about Savannah Guides program overview, information and registration, please follow the link.

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