Global Eco 2012 Keynote Lineup!

The 2012 Global Eco Asia-Pacific Tourism Conference is fast approaching and we are looking forward to welcoming all our keynote speakers to sunny Queensland when they arrive for the Global Eco Conference!

This year the conference brings together 18 fantastic Keynote Speakers and 5 Asia Pacific Tourism Forum Speakers from around the globe. Some of the highlighted speakers included;

Richard Edwards from will address the topic of “Product Development IS Marketing: getting rewarded for innovation”.

Kristin Holdo Hansen who established the Soria Moria Boutique Hotel in Cambodia and is a finalist for the Community Benefit Award at the 2012 WTTC Tourism for Tomorrow Awards. Kristin has an amazing story to share at Global Eco next month!

David Wilks is heading over from New Zealand to represent the Department of Conservation NZ at Global Eco this year. David will share how the DOC manages New Zealand’s spectacular national parks and will provide ideas that can be implemented in Australia. Wilks will also speak on the topic of “Protected Area Management through Business Partnerships: keeping New Zealand 100% Pure!”

One of the speakers for the Asia-Pacific Tourism Forum is Mrs. Thanitta Savetsila Maneechote Deputy Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Tourism and Sports in Thailand. Thanitta will share an extraordinary eco-tourism experience in Thailand – The Royal Project.

Henrietta Fourmile Marrie was the first Indigenous Australian to gain a senior position with United Nations Environment Program. Henrietta will the join the Indigenous Tourism Forum program at the conference.

Chris Buykx will also join the Indigenous Tourism Forum to address “Partnerships for Long Term Success: why real engagement with Aboriginal communities builds real opportunities”. The ITF will be held on Day 3 – Wednesday 17 October.

To view the full list of the fantastic line-up of keynote speakers and to read all the speakers presentations please visit the Global Eco Conference website.

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