Eldee Station- Advanced Ecotourism and Climate Action Business certified

Eldee Station awarded Advanced Ecotourism and Climate Action Business Certification

Eldee Station has recently achieved Advanced Ecotourism and Climate Action Business certification.

Eldee Station provides award winning executive and family style accommodation for couples and families located on the stunning Mundi Mundi Plains and Barrier Ranges. This also includes caravan and campsites. You can watch the kangaroos hop by with their joeys while they graze and see father Emu guiding his chicks, feeding as they pass by.  You can also relax in the spas or the plunge pool with your kids or watch the bird feeding sessions. If you want to be more active you can go for a walk or go on a tag a long 4WD tour or you can even guide yourself and your family along one of our many 4WD tracks and gaining access by paying the additional one off track levy for the duration of your stay.

Eldee Station hosts multi award winning operators Naomi and Stephen Schmidt – fourth generation station family – are close to hand at all times providing their local knowledge, their outstanding facilities and service to guarantee your breakaway to the Australian Outback surpasses your expectations.

If you are interested in native flora & fauna, or local metamorphic geology catches your interest, Eldee Station is a great place to have a multidimensional adventure tour!

For more information contact Eldee Station on +61 08 8091 2578 or visit their Website.

For more information on ECO Certification please visit our website.

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