“See them before they vanish….”

The iconic Great Barrier Reef and the unique ecosystem of the South Australian desert have been named among the top 10 places to visit before they disappear in a list compiled by news website Mother Nature Network.

The Great Barrier Reef has been named at number three and the South Australian Desert  at nine on the list of natural wonders that will vanish during our lifetimes due to climate change and natural disasters.

Mother Nature ranked America’s Glacier National Park at number one on the list and warned that the reef is disappearing at an alarming rate and that if tourists want to fully appreciate it, the time is now.’What took 8000 years for nature to create could disappear within our lifetimes,’ the site says.

Time is also running out to fully appreciate and experience the South Australian Outback, which is being continually threatened by desertification. Across the region fresh water supplies are drying up meaning iconic sites such as Lake Eyre will not exist in future generations.

The top ten sites to see before they vanish are shown below:

1 Glacier National Park, Montana, USA
2. Venice, Italy
3. The Great Barrier Reef
4. Saharan Africa
5. The Maldives
6. Patagonia
7. Bangladesh
8. Alaskan Tundra
9. South Australian outback
10. European Alps

For more information on the destinations listed by Mother Nature Network visit their Website.

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