Children’s Audio Guide – fun with learning at the Daintree Discovery Centre

An exciting new product, especially designed for children has just been launched by Certified operator Daintree Discovery Centre.

Director of the Daintree Discovery Centre and a former teacher herself, Pam Birkett says “This self-guided audio tour is really something special and was developed in direct response to customer demand; from schools as well as parents.”

Pam explains the script was written with the help of primary school teachers. The aim is to not only entertain, but in keeping with current education trends, encourage children to compare, measure and estimate things as they explore their natural environment.

This innovative Children’s Audio Tour offers short snippets of interesting information at every audio station; on the Aerial Walkway, the Canopy Tower, the Cassowary Circuit and Bush Tucker Trail – just like the Adult’s Audio Tour! That way Mums, Dads and kids can explore every level of the rainforest together.

Mrs Linda Vearing, a local school teacher and mother of two primary school students explains “We take our kids camping to the Cape Tribulation area every year and always call into the Discovery Centre on our way. The kids really love the audio tours. We learn something new each time and with the new children’s audio tour, the interactive touch screens in the display centre and the guide book, the kids are having fun and learning at the same time. And that’s fantastic!”

The Children’s audio tour is another first for the Daintree Discovery Centre and adds a whole new perspective to nature based learning.

The multi award winning Discovery Centre is a world-class interpretive facility nestled in the heart of the Daintree rainforest, just 10 kilometres north of the Daintree River and boasts a spectacular Aerial Walkway leading to a 23m high Canopy Tower.

The tower provides viewing of the very top of the rainforest canopy, while the walkway allows unprecedented access to the mid level rainforest. For international visitors, Self-guided Audio Tours are available in 6 languages.

An accredited Wet Tropics visitor Information Centre, the Daintree Discovery Centre also carries Advanced Ecotourism, ROC and Climate Action Business Certification and T-QUAL Accreditation and is open daily from 8.30am to 5pm.

For more information on the Daintree Discover Centre visit their Website.

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