Billy Tea Bush Safaris achieve ROC and Climate Action Business certification

Billy Tea Bush Safaris add ROC and Climate Action Business to their Advanced ECO Certification

Advanced Ecotourism Certified and Green Travel Leader Billy Tea Bush Safaris has recently achieved Respecting our Culture (ROC) and Climate Action Business Certification to add to their Advanced Ecotourism Certification.

Billy Tea Safaris operate small personalised extended tours to Cape York. Day tours to Daintree, Cape Tribulation, 4WD Bloomfield Track and Chillagoe Caves and Outback. Custom built high clearance 4WD vehicles built for customer comfort. Billy Tea Safaris cater for all ages and join a tour to see the best of World Heritage Rainforest to the Outback.

Billy Tea Safaris have experienced Guides on board that are accredited with extensive local knowledge, experience and expertise specialising in Fauna, Flora History, Local Area, Aboriginal Culture and general overview of the area.

For more information please visit their Website

 For information about ROC and Climate Action Certification, please visit our Website.

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