Par Avion – Nature Tourism Certified

Par Avion awarded Nature Tourism Certification

Par Avion has recently achieved Nature Tourism Certification for their experiences:

  • A Day in the Wilderness: Take an unforgettable full day tour, exploring the incredibly remote waterways and wilderness of Bathurst Harbour/ Port Davey.
  • South West World Heritage Flight: Par Avion have been providing the bushwalking community with a reliable air service to Melaleuca for many years, operating the most number of flights into the South West National Park each year.

Par Avion operates tours into the remote South West National Park of Tasmania, landing at Melaleuca, on the shores of Bathurst Harbour and Port Davey. Tours include scenic flights to / from Melaleuca, Boat Trips around the waterways and lunch including Tasmanian wine.

For information, please visit their website.

For more information on ECO Certification, or becoming ECO Certified, please visit our website.

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