Sustainable Tourism Prominent at Australian Tourism Exchange

ECO, ROC and Climate Action Certified Operators Dominate Australia’s largest International Travel Tradeshow

As Australian Tourism Exchange (ATE) comes to a close, Ecotourism Australia is extremely pleased to see so many certified operators showcasing their fabulous Green Travel Experiences this year to the international markets.

Certified operators now represent over 30% of tourism experiences at ATE.  Attending ATE for Ecotourism Australia, Leonie Bowles said, “It is great to be able to meet and speak to certified operators here as well as represent all of our certified operators across Australia who deliver quality, sustainable tourism experiences”.

“Ecotourism Australia is continuing to see a growth in operators looking to become certified as they see this as a way of being able to independently demonstrate their green credentials as more travellers seek out environmentally responsible travel” Leonie Bowles said.

“Many buyers have advised that they will only choose Ecotourism Australia certified operators when developing itineraries and packages for their clients travelling to Australia” Leonie Bowles said.

David Iles from Advanced ECO certified Quicksilver Connections said, “Every year at ATE we find more and more buyers are looking for sustainable and “green” experiences. We are proud to always feature our Advanced Ecotourism certification brand as proof of our commitment.”

Speaking at ATE, Greg from Northern Territory Indigenous Tours who are ECO and ROC Certified commented, “The Western market buyers feel assured that we have reached some pre-defined standard of operation and can trust that we are going to deliver a high quality experience to their clients”.

Not only do the operators value their certification for marketing purposes. Robert Pennicott from Pennicott Wilderness Journeys said, “It’s great to be part of a certification scheme that has “guts”.  Our staff can refer to the certification as means of accountability to ensure we are always looking from the inside out to provide high standards and to set examples for others to follow”.

“For us ECO certification was a no brainer” said Katherine Mergard from 1770 LARC tours who have recently been awarded Green Travel Leader status for being ECO Certified for over ten years. “We wanted to position ourselves as an ecotourism product and we very much use the criteria to benchmark our operations”.

To see images of tourism operators working hard at ATE please visit Ecotourism Australia’s Facebook page:

For information on becoming ECO, ROC or Climate Action certified, please visit or contact

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