Heli Charters – Advanced Ecotourism Certified

Heli Charters has recently achieved Advanced Ecotourism Certification.

Heli Charters has access to two World Heritage listed areas: the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest.  They visit pristine beaches as well as the Great Australian Outback and have a base at Weipa, on the Cape York Peninsula.

The business has been awarded Advanced Ecotourism Certification for the following experiences:

  • Heli Dreaming Tour
  • Marina Scenic Flight 
  • Rainforest Scenic Flight
  • Reef Scenic Flight
  • Reef & Rainforest Scenic Flight
  • U-Fly Training Session

Heli Charters Australia operates in accordance with strict safety guidelines as determined by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority and maintains a strong focus on providing the highest level of customer service.

For more information contact Heli Charters on +61 7 4034 9000 or visit their website.

For more information on ECO Certification please visit the website:

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