Discover Mildura – Ecotourism Certified

Discover Mildura awarded Ecotourism Certification

Discover Mildura has recently achieved Ecotourism Certification for their experiences Discover Mildura Day Tours and Discover Mungo Day Tours.

Discover Mildura offer small, personalised group tours with the aim of providing guests a true “taste” of Mildura.  Tours include blends of historic sites, cellar doors, farm-gate delicacies, fine dining and paddleboat river cruises.

Discover Mildura operates a sustainable purchasing and local sourcing policy to promote regional food and wine and use local ingredients for catering.  They also provide comprehensive interpretive information to guests emphasising the unique nature and attraction of sites together with strong environmental messages for reducing personal impacts associated with travel, waste and carbon emissions.

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Daintree Discovery Centre Achieve ROC and Climate Action

Daintree Discovery Centre add ROC and Climate Action to their ECO Certification

Advanced Ecotourism Certified and Green Travel Leader Daintree Discovery Centre has recently achieved Respecting our Culture (ROC) and Climate Action Certification to add to their ECO Certification.

The Daintree Discovery Centre is a world class interpretive facility nestled in the heart of the Daintree World Heritage Rainforest.  The Centre maintains a close working relationship with local people and traditional land owners and actively promotes indigenous crafts and products.  The Indigenous Cultural Audio Tour has been created in consultation with traditional elders who verified and approved the recording.

The Discovery Centre has also been awarded Climate Action Business and demonstrate a range of unique and innovative actions and strategies in identifying, monitoring and communicating their carbon footprint including educational resources, tree planting, financial support and partnership working.  Daintree Discovery Centre also hosts a carbon flux station to measure, monitor and quantify exchanges of carbon dioxide, water vapour and energy between the tropical rainforest and the atmosphere.

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Goomburra Forest Retreat – Ecotourism Certified

Ecotourism Certification for Goomburra Forest Retreat

Goomburra Forest Retreat has recently achieved Ecotourism Certification for their self contained cottages and accommodation.

Set in beautiful forest close to Main Range National Park just two hours south west of Brisbane, Goomburra Forest Retreat provides perfect opportunities for bush walking, bird watching or relaxation.  Power to the cottages is supplied by a stand alone solar system for electricity.  Water is supplied solely by rainwater collection and waste water is treated through an on-site aerobic sewage system.  Livestock also provide an alternative to machinery for keeping the grass mown.

Goomburra Forest Retreat has a dedicated nature reserve on the property and have undertaken a range of restoration projects to improve the local environment.

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Green Innovation in Tourism can drive Sustainable Development

The importance of tourism to sustainable economic growth has been explored in a joint event held at Rio+20 in Brazil.

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) joined forces to discuss the impact of green innovation in tourism.

Speaking at the event, Brazil’s Minister for Tourism said “there can be no economic growth in tourism without sustainability, without conservation of natural resources.”

The event highlighted that shifts in tourism practices can produce major benefits, and that green innovation can lead to more jobs, reduced environmental impacts, cutting costs and increasing competitive advantages for companies and destinations while enhancing the visitor experience.

Obstacles to innovation include a lack of awareness among customers, access to business information and finance for small and medium sized enterprises and a lack of policy integration across sectors such as tourism, transport, energy and environment.

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Australia to Create World’s Largest Marine Protected Area

Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea to Benefit from Enhanced Protection

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and neighbouring Coral Sea Reserve are set to become the world’s largest marine protected area covering over 1.3 million square kilometres in total.

Announcing the proposal, Environment Minister Tony Burke said “this new network of marine reserves will help ensure that Australia’s diverse marine environment and the life it supports, remain healthy, productive and resilient for future generations.”

Ecotourism Australia welcomes the proposal as an important step forward in marine conservation.  Chief Executive Kym Cheatham said,  “Protecting our marine heritage is essential, but so too is educating people about the reef and its importance.  Our ECO certified reef tourism and dive operators deliver amazing experiences to guests everyday and people visit Australia specifically to experience one of the most pristine marine environments in the world”.

Read the Government’s press release here.

Sustainable Tourism Prominent at Australian Tourism Exchange

ECO, ROC and Climate Action Certified Operators Dominate Australia’s largest International Travel Tradeshow

As Australian Tourism Exchange (ATE) comes to a close, Ecotourism Australia is extremely pleased to see so many certified operators showcasing their fabulous Green Travel Experiences this year to the international markets.

Certified operators now represent over 30% of tourism experiences at ATE.  Attending ATE for Ecotourism Australia, Leonie Bowles said, “It is great to be able to meet and speak to certified operators here as well as represent all of our certified operators across Australia who deliver quality, sustainable tourism experiences”.

“Ecotourism Australia is continuing to see a growth in operators looking to become certified as they see this as a way of being able to independently demonstrate their green credentials as more travellers seek out environmentally responsible travel” Leonie Bowles said.

“Many buyers have advised that they will only choose Ecotourism Australia certified operators when developing itineraries and packages for their clients travelling to Australia” Leonie Bowles said.

David Iles from Advanced ECO certified Quicksilver Connections said, “Every year at ATE we find more and more buyers are looking for sustainable and “green” experiences. We are proud to always feature our Advanced Ecotourism certification brand as proof of our commitment.”

Speaking at ATE, Greg from Northern Territory Indigenous Tours who are ECO and ROC Certified commented, “The Western market buyers feel assured that we have reached some pre-defined standard of operation and can trust that we are going to deliver a high quality experience to their clients”.

Not only do the operators value their certification for marketing purposes. Robert Pennicott from Pennicott Wilderness Journeys said, “It’s great to be part of a certification scheme that has “guts”.  Our staff can refer to the certification as means of accountability to ensure we are always looking from the inside out to provide high standards and to set examples for others to follow”.

“For us ECO certification was a no brainer” said Katherine Mergard from 1770 LARC tours who have recently been awarded Green Travel Leader status for being ECO Certified for over ten years. “We wanted to position ourselves as an ecotourism product and we very much use the criteria to benchmark our operations”.

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ECO Certified Eco Beach hosts Matt Moran

Celebrity chef Matt Moran continues his TQUAL Tick Tour to Western Australia, visiting ECO Certified Eco Beach Wilderness Retreat.

Located just south of Broome, Eco Beach is a unique Eco Resort with stunning ocean views and minimal environmental impact.  Villas at Eco Beach utilise solar power, energy efficient LED lighting together with intelligent energy monitoring and environmentally friendly materials.

Visiting Eco Beach, Matt experienced mud crabbing, turtle patrol, sea kayaking and paddleboarding.  Speaking about his experiences Matt says “Western Australia is a truly extraordinary place and offers a huge range of Australian holiday experiences.”

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