Destination Q – Building Tourism Together 25-26 June 2012

The Queensland Government is creating a new partnership with the tourism industry to ensure Queensland tourism is regarded as the number one priority. The partnership is called DestinationQ. This partnership is about getting the industry back on track and doubling visitor expenditure by 2020.

The DestinationQ Forum to be held on 25-26 June 2012 is an opportunity for the industry to be part of shaping priorities and designing the foundations for this new venture.

For further information visit the DestinationQ website.

3 thoughts on “Destination Q – Building Tourism Together 25-26 June 2012

  1. This is a wonderful opportunity for Ecotourism Australia to pursue the re-establishment of the integrity of ecotourism in Queensland to conform with the international definition of ‘responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people’.

    It is entirely appropriate for Ecotourism Australia to pursue the benefits of steering the broader tourism industry towards a more sustainable future, but changing the definition of ecotourism to allow a far wider catchment of nature-based tourism into the ranks of ecotourism accredited and advanced ecotourism accredited products should never have come at the expense of the quality and standard of genuine advanced ecotourism accredited products, in my opinion.

    As Ecotourism (incl nature-based, Indigenous & adventure) Tourism is one of the six themes of the DestinationQ initiative, Ecotourism Australia has an unprecedented opportunity to fight for the restoration of integrity into a Queensland blueprint for tourism reform.

    • Thanks Neil – Ecotourism Australia is working hard with the new Queensland Tourism Minister to make the most of this opportunity. We also hope that ecotourism operators take the opportunity to reinforce with government the importance of this sector to the tourism industry in Queensland for now and for the future.
      Please rest assured we will not let our standards ‘slip’ in our endeavours to raise the levels of environmental sustainability in every part of the tourism industry in Australia.

      • Ecotourism offers great opportunites for new small business operators and many of us have wonderful ideas. Problems preventing the growth in this area include an over-regulated Insurance industry. Businesses are shutting shop because they cannot afford public liability insurance. If we err on the side of caution environmental sustainablility is not at risk but growth of the ecotourism industry sure is if the exorbitant public liability cost is not addressed.

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