Cooper Creek Wilderness Daintree Rainforest Tours

Cooper Creek Wilderness Daintree Rainforest Tours has recently achieved ROC Certification to add to their Advanced Ecotourism Certification and Climate Action Business Certification.  Cooper Creek Wilderness is also a Green Travel Leader

Cooper Creek Wilderness conducts exclusive walking tours through the heart of the world’s oldest rainforest, the Daintree, Cape Tribulation, Queensland, Australia..

The business has been awarded ROC Certification for their  Rainforest Tours and Daintree Rainforest Access.

Cooper Creek Wilderness contains one of the most ancient and diverse rainforests on earth and includes the most sacred Aboriginal site in the Daintree the “Blue Hole” or Kaba Gada.  Cooper Creek Wilderness is committed to protecting this important site, and, together with Traditional Owners are working to ensure that the site is preserved for future generations by educating visitors through guided interpretation walks.

For more information contact Cooper Creek Wilderness Daintree Rainforest Tours on +61 7 4098 9126 or

For more information on ECO Certification please go to:

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