Ecotourism Australia Releases Indigenous Tourism Policy

Ecotourism in Australia is strongly linked to this country’s ancient and diverse landscape, and its unique flora and fauna. This landscape is an artefact of the traditions, beliefs and land management practices of diverse groups of Australia’s indigenous peoples over tens of thousands of years. Whether they be remote, regional or urban communities, land and sea is intrinsically bound to indigenous peoples’ spirituality and physical being.

Ecotourism Australia Limited respects the diverse traditions and cultures of indigenous peoples, acknowledging the relationships that indigenous peoples have to the land, the sea and indeed all aspects of the environment. We strongly encourage tourism businesses to engage with relevant indigenous people and/or their representative bodies as appropriate to each individual case when developing activities and infrastructure.

 EA Indigenous Tourism Policy

1 thought on “Ecotourism Australia Releases Indigenous Tourism Policy

  1. Thanks for sharing the policy.

    Please invite our ROC-certified friends to join Indigenous Peoples Week (August 6-12, 2012), an online unconference focusing on Indigenous Peoples and tourism. Themes include biodiversity conservation, crafts, cultural heritage, food and literacy (traditional reading and writing and digital literacy — the emerging read write culture). Details:

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