Ecotourism Australia Releases 2012 Strategic Discussion Paper

Ecotourism Australia has released the 2012 Edition of its Strategic Discussion Paper “Tourism For The Future”.

This paper outlines what Ecotourism Australia believes are the three KEY priority areas for a long term sustainable tourism industry in Australia:

 Priority 1: Protecting our natural assets 

Striking the correct balance between connecting people to nature and the conservation of our natural and indigenous cultural assets demands those tourism operators who voluntarily achieve environmental based certification be recognised and valued.  

Climate change is one of the largest threats to natural environments on the planet and voluntary action by tourism operators in response to the threat of climate change should be recognised and supported.

Priority 2:  Sustaining our industry

Ecotourism Australia believes that all of the tourism industry relies on the natural and indigenous cultural assets of Australia and the protection of its resource base into the future.  Nature based tourism is non-extractive, contributes to the ‘Green Economy’ and provides income, social and environmental benefits for generations to come across Australia.

Priority 3:  Telling our story

Australia’s reputation as a tourism destination, which places a high value on its natural and cultural assets and quality of its tourism experiences, is essential to Australias future success as a global tourism destination.  Tourism has the opportunity to educate, inspire and transform travellers through meaningful engagement with the land and its people.

The paper includes 19 recommendations which specifically identify areas to deliver on these key priority areas.

For more information contact Ecotourism Australia on


Ecotourism Australia’s VISION: To inspire environmentally sustainable and culturally responsible  tourism

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